Teri Black & Company LLC.


Our Philosophy

Our business strategy is based on two guiding principles — quality and results. We offer a highly personalized approach to our clients so they receive superior service and, ultimately, impressive results. Retaining TBC as a recruiting partner is an investment that will reap rewards for many years to come.

TBC is a nimble firm. We are dedicated to being the "best," rather than the "biggest" in our industry. Innovation and flexibility are characteristics we take pride in. While we utilize proven processes and tools in our work, we are not bound by rigid tradition or one way of doing business. We can customize our services and products to best meet our clients' needs while remaining value-priced, efficient and successful.

In today's fierce competition for talent, it is essential that candidates also receive personalized attention and treatment. We dedicate the necessary time and resources to educate, attract and maintain the interest of talented professionals in a wide array of disciplines.

Our success is your success and we take that seriously.


Our Services

Executive Recruitment — comprehensive executive-level search services that include:

  • Initial research and strategy development
  • Creation of Candidate Profile
  • Advertising and marketing campaign design and execution
  • Outreach to constantly expanding network
  • Application process management
  • Communications with candidates
  • Assessment of candidate pool
  • Conduct screening interviews
  • Design and facilitation of final selection process
  • Completion of background and reference checks
  • Negotiations assistance and facilitation

Mid-level Recruitment — enhancement of standard public sector recruitment approaches for mid-level managers and senior supervisors via:

  • Evaluation of previous recruitment efforts
  • Creation of supplemental and/or alternative approaches to advertising and marketing activities
  • Advertising and marketing tool development and production
  • Assistance with recruitment execution

Interim Recruitment & Placement — for temporary executive-level needs, TBC will assist clients with identifying and selecting suitable candidates for interim assignments prior to initiating comprehensive recruitment.

To request a proposal or for additional information on our services, call 424.296.3111 or to inquire via e-mail: info@tbcrecruiting.com